Diagnostics: From a check engine light to your vehicle not starting we can help. With our state-of-the-art equiptment and technician experience we are better equipped to diagnose your vehicle more accurately the first time.

Maintenance: For everything you ask your vehicle to do, it really deserves a bit in return. Come see us for oil changes that include such things as fluid top offs, driveline inspections, tire rotations, and more.Most shops pay their techs too little and donít give them enough time to check things over to the degree required. Leave our shop with confidence that your differential fluid is topped off and tie-rods actually got greased. Pick Up and Drop Off Service available for
Fleet Accounts 

Repair: While we have one of the most affordable shop labor rates around, thatís not what we hang our hat on. We take pride in what we do and back it up with some of the most no-non-sense warranties available. We may focus on diesel but there is no need to travel to multiple specialty shops. If the manufacturer put it between the bumpers we are on it.

Tuning: From out-of-the-box downloads to custom tuning this is our favorite part of the job. Nowhere else in the automotive industry can you get so much for so little. Programming choice is critical when shopping for horsepower; what makes one truck rip will be barely noticeable on another. If there is a tuner on the market we have played with it. We know whatís hot and whatís not for your specific truck. Let us know what you want out of your truck and we will get you there.

Performance: Along with our tuning services we provide and install most of the leading performance products. These modifications, when paired properly, produce some of the most radical vehicles on the road today. At Dieseltec we sweat horsepower and bleed torque, try not to slip when you come by to chat about that new exhaust system or custom set of injectors!